Month Suggested Items
January Any after Christmas Sale Items (stuffed animals, Santa, Reindeer, Elf hats, Barbie dolls, toy trucks or cars, etc)
February Stuffed animals and valentine items that are on sale. Hats, gloves, scarves, small work gloves
March Items for 2-4 year olds. Sippy cups, small clothes, small stuffed animals or hand made stuffies, small cars, socks, underwear, PJs. Lacing cards. 4T is a good size for clothes because if the child is 2 they can always grow into it.
April Girl Toys and accessories(e.g. small baby dolls, small Barbie dolls, plastic jewelry, small purses, hair bows, small games and puzzles, jump ropes, jacks, combs, hair accessories, . . .) After Easter sales!!!
May Boy Toys (e.g. hot-wheel cars, balls, kazoos, harmonicas or other noise makers, plastic animal figures, action figures, slinky, small games and puzzles, yoyos.)
June 10-14 year old gifts (e.g. stationary sets, journals, small purses, flashlights (extra batteries), solar calculators, duct tape, small games and puzzles, balls, yoyo’s, garden gloves, garden tools, household tools, thin back-packs, sewing kits, fishing kits, first-aid items...)
July Anything that catches your eye that a child would love, sunglasses, etc.
August School Supplies (e.g. notebooks, coloring books, note pads, drawing paper, pencils and sharpeners, stencils, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, rulers, other items from back-to-school sales...)  *Many children are not allowed to go to school unless they can bring their own school supplies.*
September Clothes (e.g. t-shirts, shorts, skirts, hats, flip-flops, shoes, socks, scarves,).
October Hard Plastic Cups, bowls and utensils. Zip-Lock Plastic Bags   (Soap must be bagged separately!)
November National Collection Week is the third week of the month. MBC will be a Relay Center/Drop Off for the third year.

Pray for safe travels for your boxes and blessings for the children who will receive them.  Start looking for after-Christmas sale items for next year’s boxes!

Any items can be donated at any time, especially as you see good sales. Use your 40% coupons at craft stores to buy fabric for the girls items.

“Like” OCCNEPA on FB for simple crafting items and special sales in the area.    
Monetary donations to buy bulk items for the packing party or to put towards shipping can be placed in your church envelopes marked OCC at any time of the year.      
Donations of fabric and scrap fabric can be given to Beth Herwig to distribute to the women making little dresses/PJ pants/shorts at any time. Perhaps your sewing friends may have extra to donate.




2016 Shoe Box Collection Numbers

What a year for Operation Christmas Child at MBC. All your item donations for the OCC Treasure Box, money donations and, of course your shoe boxes provided 316 children around the world with fun and necessary items. This means each of them had the opportunity to hear about the gift of salvation from Jesus. Our total MBC Relay Center received in 935 shoeboxes. God blessed us with the ability to provide for them. We have heard that boxes from our church went to many different places including Rwanda and Uganda.

Our area relay center takes the boxes to Scranton. The total this year was 11,806. This is quite a mission project. Thank you for your spirit of giving at MBC.



Speak with Beth Herwig (Relay Center Coordinator) about being an active member of the team this year. It takes many hands to accomplish the work throughout the year.

Provide fabric of any type and amount to allow crafting/sewing individuals to make more items for shoe box donation. Give donations to Beth Herwig or Ann Weeks. In 2016 over 200 lunch bags were sewn for the children as well as over 40 jump ropes made from old T-shirts and medicine bottles. Our goal is to have a handmade item in each box at the packing party. In 2017 we may sew dresses again, but if you have any ideas of a fun and easy project, we’d love to hear your ideas.

Offer to help teach a project/craft on Saturday morning to others who are interested. We had good turnouts in the past years for these sessions.

Offer to assist Beth with the Sunday school children on the 5th Sunday of the month as they help with items for the shoe boxes. This was a very successful program in 2016 as the children learned about giving to others and how they are being Missionaries to children all over the world.

Offer to help with the packing party to get everything set up for the church to pack hundreds of boxes.

Offer to help during the busy collection week as we open our doors to the local area to drop off their boxes. They need to be counted, packed and relocated to Scranton. The help of men and women is appreciated. Last year we had a total of 19 volunteers who put in over 60 hours during collection week.


Pray for the OCC project throughout the year. Prayer is the cornerstone of all we do!

Those passionate about the ministry grow stronger by hearing your stories, suggestions, seeing what you may be packing or crafting and seeing the gifts that gather in the treasure box each week.



Remember candy and toothpaste are no longer acceptable for the boxes.

Beanie Baby’s or other animals of like size work well in the boxes. Many times these can be found at thrift stores and can easily be laundered to freshen them up and given a second life to make a child in need happy.

Clearance items after holidays and even garage sale finds provide great items for the boxes.

Remember you are bringing Christ to the World with your gifts!