MBC Prayer Sheet

June 28, 2017

*Greg Mallory (Alex Payton’s Dad) Needs a kidney transplant
Tara Gowin – (Jerry Skinner’s Boss’ wife) Undergoing some testing for her pregnancy
Jan Wintermute – Knee surgery on July 20th
*Paulette Conrad – Recovering from knee surgery at home. Doing very well!
Rachel Sprout – leaves for Honduras, July 9
Claris Poplin (Clint’s cousin) Sayre Hospital with stroke
Coleen Hoffman- back pain
Jodi Sullivan & children visit
Scott Shaffer (friend of pastor Seth’s parents) Still missing, since Mother’s Day, mental health issues
Rich Ferguson recovering from hand surgery
Alice Munkelt- In hospital with UTI
Bill Miner – Recovering at home, having a hard time getting rest
Michelle Givens – adjusting to new MS meds
Heather Hubbell – Eye issues, going to see a specialist
Deanne (Friend of Herwigs) Husband passed away & recovering from surgery
Mariel Blaisure – recovering at home
Michael Skinner – Recovering in Idaho from surgery
Art Weaver (Joan Yeager’s brother) In Hospice Care
Jim Borgeson – Back pain, doing physical therapy
Tom Brown (Frank’s neighbor) Recovery and salvation
Cindy Reede (Wendy R’s Daughter in law) Cancer. Needs a miracle. *Some improvement
Betty Harvey’s mom fell and broke her ribs and knee. Pray pain meds to help
Pregnancy - Heather Macaluso 
David Senter – (Son of Gary) Contractor in Afghanistan for 12 months, 5 months to go
Kenny Sands (Jim Sheridan) – Diabetes troubles, problems with fluid; Home. Pray open to Gospel
Jim & Kelly Sheridan, Edna Mast, Becky & Gary Senter homes to sell
Roseann Murray – Daily grace for her and caretakers
*Upcoming Events:  VBS July 10-14/ July 1st Parade Evangelism
Battling Cancer: Dawn Gage, Sharon Moss, Patty Roche, Barbra Potuck, Bill Evans, Bill Hall, Judy (A.Wilsey’s sister), David Maddox, Yeager’s neighbor Ruth Ann Wolf, Donna (Nancy Verbryck’s mom) Cindy Reede, Paul Hoffman, Bobbi Rought, Tony Adams (Pancreatic), Ann Nunemaker, Lois Yeust, Anne Yeust, Richele (Employee of Russ H) Tumor in Brain, Sally Babcock (Chick’s cousin) Cancer of the stomach, lymph nodes and lungs. No change, taking a break from Chemo, Timmy Trusdale (Frani), Brandy Golden
*Health Needs: Diane Billingsley, Jay Robinson, Bill Miner, Carol Pritchard, Bill & Peggy Massey,
Clifford Nulton, Sheila Wilsey, Sarah Grinnell, Cindy Sprout, Ray Clark, Erin Burridge, Alice Sherwood,
Marilyn Senter, Melissa Culton, Rodney Race, David Sheridan (Phil Robertson’s dad), Melissa Culton’s dad,
Alan Wilsey, *Clark Krewson – PTL! Removed from Hospice care!  Helen Burke- Towanda Skilled Nursing
Shut-ins: Dorothy Dimmick, Della Reynolds, Bill & Peggy Massey, Marge Adams, Anna Johnson (Golden Living #108), Marshall Walburn (Allied), Alice Munkelt – (Wendy’s Mom) Gracious Living Center, Montrose, Ruth McElhenny (Betty Harvey’s mom)
Battling with MS: Michelle Givens, Jerry Frey, Paul Senter, Sam Miner, Sandy Richards, Amanda Buel
Ministries: Operation Christmas Child, Gideon, Care Net Pregnancy Center, CEF
Christian Persecution Worldwide
Spiritual Growth - For new converts
God’s Intervention of Radical Islamist Terror & Protection of Israel
Refugees from Syria & Iraq
Wisdom & Courage for our state, local, & national leaders; Trump Administration
Gas Drillers & Road Construction Workers

Celebrate Recovery Group Thursdays, 7PM @ MBC Youth Center

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